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Here you will find all the information that you need about the Bacup 2040 Vision and Masterplan and lots of other information about projects, plans and happenings in Bacup. 

In March 2023, it was announced that Rossendale would receive £17.9m, which was applied for via the Levelling Up Fund. A significant part of this bid was to realise the redevelopment of Bacup Market as part of the Bacup 2040 Masterplan.

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Rob Huntington

Bacup stands as a testament to resilience, innovation and community spirit. Once a hub of industrial prowess, our historic town has embarked on a transformative journey, with the recent multi-million-pound funding serving as a pivotal milestone in realising the core vision for the future of Bacup, namely the Bacup 2040 Masterplan.

Whilst our roots are deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of industrial heritage, our sights are set on a future that harmoniously blends the old with the new. The town centre, with its preserved Victorian mills and rich industrial landmarks, is poised to become a vibrant heart of the North West, attracting both locals and visitors alike.

Our commitment to a sustainable future is unwavering. Bacup’s vision encompasses state-of-the-art cycling facilities, seamlessly connected to the Valley of Stone Greenway and the professional standard Lee Quarry mountain bike trail. The reimagined Market Square redevelopment will serve as a year-round hub for shopping, dining, socialising and soaking in the beauty of the Pennine uplands.

Cultural enrichment remains at the forefront of our plans. As the sun sets on a typical Pennine evening or even on a glorious summer’s day, Bacup will come alive with an array of cultural activities and events. Concerts, music festivals and diverse cultural events will not only enhance the town’s cultural fabric but also make Bacup a go-to destination for evening socials, dining and unique cultural experiences.

Building on our existing successes, Bacup continues to attract new businesses, recognising the town’s immense potential. With the support of the Levelling Up Fund, we’re on the cusp of a transformation that will redefine Bacup’s identity.

In the wake of global changes, we understand the evolving role of town centres. Bacup is leading the way in reimagining outdoor spaces, promoting healthy living and championing sustainable practices. From cycling and walking to a multitude of activities, Bacup is not just talking about a healthier future; we’re actively shaping it.

With over two centuries of industrial heritage as our foundation, Bacup is charting a path towards a bright, sustainable and vibrant future, where history and innovation coalesce.

Our Vision

The Bacup 2040 Vision and Masterplan was developed and produced through the largest community and business consultation the Council has undertaken. As the Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative drew to a close in June 2019, there was a clear need to continue on the success of that project and map out the remaining challenges Bacup faced along with achievable and realistic solutions to enable Bacup to be the sustainable, resilient and thriving town centre for both the community, businesses and visitors alike.

Over 10,000 letters were sent to all households in Bacup, pop up stalls were held on Bacup Market, online surveys and engagement sessions were all held. The original Bacup 2040 Vision and Masterplan was produced in March 2019, with further consultation undertaken to refine the document. The latest version is available to view here.

The proposals for Bacup Market were tweaked for the 2022 Levelling Up Fund Bid.

The Vision has been developed around the following key principles:


Known for providing business support for start ups and growing companies. Bacup will develop to become a tourist destination and have a fantastic range of food and drink on offer within the town centre. A fun and educational cultural offer will also provide entertainment and social experiences throughout the day and evening.


A sustainable and attractive town centre, that will have better access for all – clearly signposted parking, with greater disabled parking provision, and the town will become a place where there will be more opportunities for jobs and training, there will be more choices for cultural or leisure activities.


A safer place where people can socialise and congregate for events and activities or for evenings out, the town will also develop an attraction for all ages to meet the needs and demands of all generations. This aims to help people either maintain or improve their physical health and mental well being. Opportunities for education, employment voluntary opportunities and health provision will be consistent and readily accessible.


Where Bacup retains its varied town centre offering and cultural atmosphere of ‘one of the best preserved mill towns in the country’. Maintaining voluntary and working  partnerships across the town and wider Rossendale Valley. Bacup will continues to develop its fresh approach to enhancing and promoting its heritage, excellent connections to the countryside and art and nature.



  • Awarded £1.1 million from Historic England
  • Up to 13 buildings have received grants
  • Public realm work to Hempsteads Memorial Garden
  • Training opportunities in heritage crafts and materials
  • Digital twin of Bacup to link with Valley Heritages Virtual Valley project
  • Bacup Cultural Consortium – deliver engaging, inclusive, fun and interactive cultural activities 

What we want to do:

  • Reduce vacancy rates of buildings in the town centre
  • Champion the use of traditional building materials and techniques
  • Help fill the gap in the leisure provision with the Cultural Consortium – working with existing providers in Bacup and the local area
  • Make areas of public realm more welcoming, vibrant and a nod to Bacup’s rich historical past
  • Have a diverse community engagement and training plan which will focus on heritage, upskilling and providing volunteering, apprenticeship and improve employment opportunities
  • To continue that brilliant sustainable regeneration of Bacup as a thriving town for its residents, businesses and visitors alike.
Bacup Market Square Redevelopment

Contact the High Street Heritage Action Zone Project Officer:

Mhorag Saxon
01706 252477
Economic Development, Futures Park, Bacup, OL13 0BB