My Daughter
She’s bright, but no school
Not for girls

Mummy said
Daddy’s gone, no help
No money

Any medicine
For nan, she’s so sick
Wish we could

Measles, mumps
We get them all here
Who’s to help?

My daughter
Works at the big house
Hope she’s safe

Chimney sweep!
He can clean my flues
Any time!

Brown water
Brings disease, brings death
Still babies

Sixteen hours!
Could you manage them?
I’m just ten

My daughter?
She’s going to nurse
Wedding soon!

Papers say
I’m not sure really
I can’t read

In France. Not here though
We’re subdued

The luddites
Have broken machines
Good for them

He’s a threat : Don’t fear
Just be strong

Old King’s died
New King! No changes
Just the same

Angels wait
For little girls and boys
To join them

In Heaven
No hard work ever
God feeds us

Sunny Day
Play out whilst we may
Joy’s so brief

Sunday church
Pretty dress and shoes
God loves us!

He’s home, drunk
He’ll beat me – no doubt
I take it

Rent man’s here!
No money, try to hide
He’ll be back

Mill boss: Cruel
Hit – me – hard. No cause
He just ‘can’

No credit
Can’t pay? Go without
Though this life

Father’s leg
Broken in a brawl
Can’t work now

Pregnant? No!
Six kids already
No more room.

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