Smoke and Mirrors

Elaine Hogan 2018 The knocker-upper will wake the workers from their sleepSo before morning is dawning, dew damp and bleakOn tip toe he will tip tap his long cane then tip tap againRapping out a rhythm against each grimy window pane.The bed springs will squeak and the floor boards creakDust laden chests will be cleared … Read more

Go With The Flow

Elaine Hogan 2018 Lewie the water vole was born into the best of times. His parents Walter and Elvira Love had their first litter of offspring early in March 2008 in the banks of the River Irwell at Bacup. Lewie was glad that he had so many sisters because when they were born they had … Read more

So Far Away

Elaine Hogan 2018 Her once crowning glory now a skull, caved in and shatteredThe brittle shards that remain are still smashed and scattered.Her rock face complexion now dulled with weather and ageHer faded expression displaying despair and outrageThe once steely sinews that held her proudly uprightNow fail in their duty and only add to her … Read more

The Visitation

Elaine Hogan 2018 It was the evening before that fateful night afterAnd a mouse ran noisily across an oak rafterInside the Evangelist Parish Church of St JohnIt was the middle of April eighteen seventy-one. Very soon the mouse was joined by quite a lot moreAs they ran up the walls onto the balcony floor,From the … Read more

Coronation Fountain

Elaine Hogan 2018 ‘Where will I find Coronation Fountain?’ asked a visitor to town,‘You do know it has no water’ said the resident with a frown,‘A fountain feature without water why on earth is that?’‘I believe it’s because someone has turned off the tap’.‘Well I’m sure there must be a reason’ pondered the strangerAnd received … Read more

Battle of the Bush

Elaine Hogan 2018 The Bush stood in the corner of the front parlouron the tall hexagonal table, a slightly short legmaking it unstable, causing it to rockunwillingly, as it became the weapon in the warthat grandfather waged against the swinging sixtiesthe recital of the lyrical football scores drowningout the sounds of a Daydream Believeras the … Read more

Out Dancing

Chris Elliott 2018 I want him to waltzI want him to danceI want him to be like he were before FranceFoxtrot or quickstepI don’t really careBut how can you dance, with a lad in a chair?


Chris Elliott 2018 Where’s my Bob?I hope he’s safe Where’s my Bob?I hope he got the muffler and the socks Where’s my Bob?I hope he’s well Where’s my Bob?I hope he got my letter and the ciggies Where’s my Bob, Jesus?I want him home

Bits and Pieces

Chris Elliott 2018 My Alf lost some fingersMy Johnny lost an armMy Wilf lost an earBut it hasn’t done him any harmMy Albert lost an eye in the last great attackBugger the King and countryWe want our lads back