Coronation Fountain

Elaine Hogan 2018

‘Where will I find Coronation Fountain?’ asked a visitor to town,
‘You do know it has no water’ said the resident with a frown,
‘A fountain feature without water why on earth is that?’
‘I believe it’s because someone has turned off the tap’.
‘Well I’m sure there must be a reason’ pondered the stranger
And received a reply ‘Aye it’s a health and safety danger’.
‘Are the council afraid that the town folk will get wet
And that successful litigation will accrue with pothole debt?’
‘I’m not saying it’s not but to be more precise
I believe it’s the threat to the traffic from ice.’
‘But surely the fountain has not been built on the road?’
‘No, it was on a large roundabout when first bestowed
With a bed full of flowers a sight beautiful to see
When first erected back in nineteen fifty three
Donated by Bacup AmDram for the Queen’s coronation
That was back in the days when we had a rail station.’
‘So where is it now’, asked the stranger transfixed.
‘Beeching closed it down back in nineteen sixty six’
‘Not the station the fountain is in the same place?’
‘Aye its still there but they’ve decreased the base.’
‘So it’s in the centre of town a fountain with drought
In the middle of the road on a small roundabout,
Perhaps you could you explain just exactly where?’
‘Aye you can’t miss it it’s in the St James Square.’
‘So let me get this straight it’s not a fountain at all
As the non-existent water doesn’t sprout or fall
It used to be much larger but has admonished surround
It’s In the middle of a town square and traffic go round!’

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