David Lory

Over the last ten years I have made two decisions which have completely changed my life. Five years ago my last car, a big red ford, failed its M.O.T, completely, and I began to discover public transport, after all I already had my bus pass. Free travel more or less everywhere: well sometimes, rarely on Sundays! Ten years ago, on a whim, I bought, cash, no mortgage, a fight flat in a town I had rarely visited and knew next to nothing about. Bacup, I left Todmordon. Nearby: the town I went to school in, where my father ran a farm, a town where I knew dozens of people, especially on the market.

There is no point in dwelling on just what Todmordon has and Bacup doesn’t, suffice to say it’s a long list and includes 25min by train to m/c. I will however, make this observation: its government, the council, millionaire benefactors, ‘them’ , these all can only do so much. People make a town, a city, a community. As Marylyn Monroe said; “You never get more out of a sweater than you put into it”.

So when the dogs bark (for five hours non – stop!)
When the banks close (all 3 since I came here)
When the bus timetable is pure fiction
And when the pavement is so slippy, you have to walk in the road…
What shall we say about ‘our’ town, Bacup; now today, as is, these are a few of my favourite things:

  1. Bacup’s ‘café’ society! Four or five fine catteries, some with strong social bonds and friendships. A joy to eat out, quality food, affordable.
  2. Irwell Medical Centre and pharmacies including my chiropodist carried out many vital procedures, including monitoring diabetes.  
  3. The (this) Library where we meet regularly and David looks after us. Not just books but computers, photocopying and significant meetings.
  4. Grand, albeit neglected, buildings from the age of industry and full employment. This includes my particular favourite: the old market hall.
  5. Small but committed art and literature groups, photography too, keen to keep creativity alive and moving forward. History preserved and well documented. 
  6. The Post Office: will run, efficient, friendly. This includes the parcel collection service.
  7. Bacup taxi services, once they get to know you and their phone numbers are so easy to remember
  8. The Royal Court Theatre especially that ABBA show! { = less 777 or 87,00,00! … … all year many … included}

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