So Far Away

Elaine Hogan 2018

Her once crowning glory now a skull, caved in and shattered
The brittle shards that remain are still smashed and scattered.
Her rock face complexion now dulled with weather and age
Her faded expression displaying despair and outrage
The once steely sinews that held her proudly upright
Now fail in their duty and only add to her plight
Allowing her dust bones to fragment and crumble
As she becomes more unstable and ready to tumble
Her once clear eyes now blinded by the cataract boarding
A ‘DANGER KEEP OUT’ warning displayed on a hoarding.
Her skeleton frail but her demeanour commanding
Not quite steadfast Bacup Market Hall remains standing.
Once back in the day
Now so Far Away
Her style was Italian, her design structure first class
Her original roof was constructed of iron and glass
Three storeys on her east side and two on her west
Circular windows in her apex with blue fleur de lys crest
Three aisles with cross passages made up the floor
And eight glass fronted shops stood at her fore
Within her interior the stalls were varied and many
And items of shipping could be bought for one penny
There were stalls for fishmongers, butchers and bakers
Toy stalls and sweet stall, ironmongers and drapers
She was an emporium of a time ow almost forgotten
In a town that was famous for its manufacture of cotton.
That was back in the day
Now so Far Away.

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